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NextTech Marketing and Sales is passionate about accelerating mobility innovation and leadership in Michigan. Founded in 2018 by two business leaders turned entrepreneurs, we provide marketing and sales as a service to mobility companies, with a focus on digital engagement that is quickly becoming the new norm. Partnering with NextTech enables leaders of upstart and established mobility companies to focus on the core talent and critical resources necessary to drive innovation and growth. As industry insiders and growth experts, we help each client develop a compelling brand story, connect with the right customers and build a robust pipeline.

Our portfolio of services includes marketing and sales strategy, digital marketing, event management, sales process and pipeline management. To assist our clients in driving growth through digital engagement, we have partnered with Hubspot to offer its suite of inbound marketing, sales and service software. Every engagement utilizes best practices, digital tools and exceptional partners to execute with excellence, speed and efficiency. With decades of marketing and sales experience at global technology and automotive enterprises, we can ramp up quickly and deliver value starting on day one. Ignite your growth today by partnering with NextTech.

Meet the Founders:

Michele Muir, Master Storyteller and Project Director

I am deeply experienced in global marketing, sales management and partner engagement from my 30-year career in the automotive and technology industries — most recently centered on smart and autonomous technology. With an entrepreneurial mindset, I led several high-profile initiatives with cross-functional teams — driving growth and operational excellence, always aligned with a compelling brand story. My creative inspiration comes from nature and the four physical elements — fire, air, water and earth — which are incorporated through symbols and language in NextTech’s branding. I am known for typically having the highest level of energy and enthusiasm in the room (and yes, this translates remotely!) I am also passionate about health and wellness — with the exception of dark chocolate and wine.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination

Albert Einstein

John Muir, Chief Strategist and Growth Leader

I am intensely committed to helping mobility companies improve sales efficiency so they can grow profitably. It’s exciting to apply my sales leadership experience at prominent technology companies, including HP and Cisco, to NextTech’s clients. With 30 years of experience in solution selling, I have a proven track record of building high-performing teams, creating best-in-class sales methodologies and driving growth. I love the challenge and possibilities of introducing new mobility technology, having successfully brought to market several emerging technologies. With the Scottish surname of Muir, it’s probably no surprise that golf tops my list of favored pastimes.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Lucius Seneca

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